National Portrait Gallery

portraitgallery“Who’s who in pictures”

Have you ever wondered what Henry VIII and some of his wives actually looked like? Hunt for familiar faces throughout this gallery and you won’t be disappointed. Portraits showing famous scientists such as Isaac Newton and playwright William Shakespeare sit alongside modern celebrities such as Anna Wintour, the long standing editor of Vogue.

Tour Itinerary:

We start our tour on the top floor where I introduce you to members of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VIII and his children. We move onto the Stuarts and see what Charles I and his son Charles II looked like. The middle floor covers mostly the Victorian era and we will see many works of art featuring Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. We will look at the royal portraits as well as portraits of famous and significant people in each era, including Isaac Newton, G. F. Handle, the writer Charles Dickens and many more. The bottom level is contemporary and the display is changed frequently nevertheless you will recognise faces of a former prime minister Tony Blair or the actress Dame Judy Dench.

 Opening times:

Saturday-Wednesday 10:00-18:00, Thursday and Friday 10:00-21:00


National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE (closest tube station: Charing cross)

Entry Price:

Admission free