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aboutAbout Me

My name is Denisa Podhrazska and as a qualified Blue Badge Tour guide I can show you the best areas of London when you come to visit this amazing city. You might not have heard of Blue Badge guides before. Well we are a rare breed. It is the highest recognised qualification in the UK for tourist guiding. To gain this qualification I had to complete a two year course that was very intense. It covered many different places and sites in London and the surrounding area, including their historical and cultural facts.

I have always been interested in tourism. As a little girl sitting at my desk at home, with an atlas and other various guide books around me, I tried to sell tours to family members. OK, I was only about eight years old, but my passion for tourism and guiding has always been there. As a teenager I found the perfect summer job as a tour guide at one of the many castles in the Czech Republic. My relationship with that castle lasted over ten years. To pick a course at University was a piece of cake, anything tourism related. After three years I was the proud holder of a Management in Tourism degree and a National Tour Guiding certificate for the Czech Republic. Throughout my studies I have detoured a little bit, spending some years abroad working as a Flight Attendant for easyJet: still in tourism but just a different sector. For a number of reasons I moved to the UK several years ago and took the opportunity to apply for the Blue Badge guide course. I am now packed with knowledge and experience and it will be my pleasure to take you on one of my tours or design a special tour for you.