Mythical Stonehenge


Prehistoric monument, a magical site thats definitely worth visiting. Dating back to 8 000BC and still surrounded by mystery to this day, all the stories about Stonehenge are really just theories as we don’t have much confirmed information.

As you are walking around the stones, questions will be popping up in your head; Who built it? How did they build it? What was it used for? The bottom line is, we don’t know for sure, but numerous studies have been carried out and are still ongoing to answer these questions!

Over the last few years the whole site has undergone a large project improving the visitor experience. Visitors can now look through the exhibition centre where several models of what Stonehenge looked like during it various stages of construction are shown. You can see the neolithic village and imagine what it was like living in those huts thousands and thousands years ago.

Stonehenge is two hours away from the capital and it is best reached by private transport. Its easily combined with, and I would reccomend, a visit to the beautiful roman city of Bath, which is nearby.

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